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林昭妏 [台湾] 2014年4月期

My Japanese was like an infant, barely to read hiragana, does’t even mention about katakana. EN school teachers will not start from 50 Gojuon teaching, but from the basic conversation, it’s a huge different with Taiwan’s teaching. With textbooks, the morning class focuses on grammar and pronunciation; the afternoon class introduces Japan culture, and the teacher really let us to experience it; the evening class clarifies on questions or emphasizes on the key point for today. Because of the small size class, every student can have massive opportunities for oral practice, and the teacher can guide students immediately. To pass through two months, I already applied for N5 certified test in this July, not only because I trust myself, but also I have confidence of EN school teachers’ professional.

Burassakorn Tantrakul [タイ] 2014年4月期

For 2 months ago that I learned at EN Japanese Laguage School, I got many good experinences. Firstly, the morning class that learned about grammar could teach me to use the Japanese in my daily life. I was able to bring these lessons to communicate with the Japanese people, and it can improve my Japanese skill to be better. Moreover, the afternoon class that learned about the Japanese culture could teach me to know the Japanese traditional and the festival in each season. Furthermore, EN Japanese Laguage School provided many activities such as Bar-B-Q party, how to make the Takoyaki, how to dress the yukata, and visit the Japanese family. Those activities make me to know the Japanese culture more. In addition, there are 2 teachers who teached me in the class. They teached me to understand the lesson easily. Eventhough the instructions are different, but they teached me to get more knowledge. For the accommodation, it is very convineint, and it has many necessary equipments for using. The train station is located near the accommodation. It use only 10 minitues from the dormitory to Imamiya JR station. I would like to thank to all teacers who teached me to get the knowledge. I got a lots of experience when I studied with them. This is the wonderful time that I can come to study at EN Japanese Laguage School. I will keep it in to my memory forever.