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【School Information】

Our school was founded as a sister school of TERA School Of Business And Communication in 2014.

The notable characteristic of our school is the Morning class which emphasize on speaking and listening as priority, so you can learn useful Japanese. In addition, in the afternoon class you can experience Japanese lifestyle culture, and study about Japan from not only words but also from various angles. In total there are 300 hours of class time, in the morning and in the afternoon. It’s quite a lot more than other schools.

At our school the students can use the Student Dormitory, so we can provide relief, and safe environment.

At our sister school TERA School Of Business And Communication, there are lectures about Business Japanese and lectures to support job hunting.

Now Japanese companies’ business expansion is increasing overseas, the employment opportunities for foreigners are also increasing.

TERA School Of Business And Communication is based on EHLE institute which is engaged in education-related business more than 50 years in Osaka and produced many graduates.
In the institute there are a technical school, a cramming school, and a Japanese school, a lot of Japanese students and foreign students are registered.