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【School Information】

Our school was founded as a sister school of TERA School Of Business And Communication in 2014.

The notable characteristic of our school is the Morning class which emphasize on speaking and listening as priority, so you can learn useful Japanese. Our curriculum is not centered around reading and writing for going on to university.

In addition, in the afternoon class you can experience Japanese lifestyle culture, and study about Japan from not only words but also from various angles. You can learn Japanese that you can’t learn in class, and understand the Japanese lifestyle and way of thinking. It will also help you improve your Japanese. Not only lessons in the classroom, you can actually use the Japanese you learned in the morning during the field trip. Our teachers will lead you for the field trip, so you can ask our teachers instantly if you have any questions there. You can have a deep study by this lecture, not only end with general "sightseeing" and "visiting".

We will continue to strive to create a fulfilling curriculum as a school that produces excellent foreign human resources who can play an active role in Japanese companies in Japan and overseas.