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5 Reasons to Choose our School

① Curriculum specialized in a short-term course
Our curriculum is customized for a short-term course. It is not a part of a 1 year or 2 years long-term course.
② Excellent teachers
Experienced teachers support your study.
③ Morning lessons emphasized on speaking
Our lessons emphasize on “speaking” and “listening” as priority; you can learn useful Japanese.
④ Afternoon cultural lectures are fulfilling
You can learn a wide range of Japanese with fun through various experiences.
⑤ We offer the biggest number of lessons.
If you take both morning and afternoon lessons, you can take lessons more than 250 hours during a term.

【Practical Japanese Course】

This course aims to learn day-to-day practical Japanese, which focuses on “Listening” and “Speaking.” It is also based on JLPT, so you can try a higher level after the course.

Lesson Outline  4 lessons a day (Curriculums may change.)

Skills Details
Listening Learn how to understand what other people say.
Speaking Learn how to express what you would like to say in daily life.
Reading Learn how to comprehend words and sentences in daily life.
Writing Learn how to write what you need to express in daily life.

【Lifestyle Cultural Lecture】

These lectures help you to understand Japanese culture through studying and experiencing it. They also give you the lesson for unfamiliar kinds of Japanese language, which just a usual classroom Japanese cannot offer.

Lesson Outline  2-4 lessons a day (Curriculums may change.)

Theme Details
Konjyakukan Museum Learn old Japanese life style, history, and culture.
Japan Mint Learn how to make Japanese coins and its history.
Calligraphy Experience how to do the calligraphy and learn about the tools.
Kuromon Market, Nipponbashi Visiting the oldest markets in Osaka and a famous shopping area for animated cartoons.
Transportation System Learn how to use transportation system in Osaka
Traditional Games Learn traditional Japanese play, such as Kendama, Koma, and Fukuwarai.
Cooking Japanese Food Learn how to make a traditional Japanese home dishes
Wearing Yukata Learn how to wear Japanese traditional clothes.
Disaster Prevention Centre Experience an emergency situation and learn what to do when an earthquake or fire occurs.
Japanese Sake Brewery Learn how to make Japanese sake.
Other Themes
Osaka CastleTsutenkaku TowerMusicScience Museum
Doguya StreetZooTombori CruiseWork
Shitennoji TempleLife in Japan, Health / DiseaseGarbage, RecycleGestures
Picture LetterJapanese Food / RestaurantSewerage Science MuseumTea Ceremony
PetsKoshien Baseball StadiumGlicoPrices in Japan
Ageless CentreKansai DialectNissin FoodsShumiyoshi Shrine